General election and pre-election period
Updated NALC legal briefing L01-24

        On 22 May 2024 Prime Minister Rishi Sunak MP announced a general election would take place on 4 July 2024.  Parliament was prorogued on 24 May and dissolved on 30 May.

        The new Parliament will be summoned to meet on 9 July, and the State Opening of Parliament and the King's Speech will occur on 17 July.

        The pre-election period for local authorities will start from the publication of a notice of election which shall be no later than 4 June.

        The calling of a general election does not directly impact town and parish councils and parish meetings and business as usual should continue. Councils are advised to be mindful of situations where there might be a perception of promotion of a candidate.  Your proper officer should take time to read through the information we have shared below. 

        If you have any further questions please raise these through the SALC member portal in the usual way.

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