SALC is a trusted and well-recognised representative of local councils in Suffolk with over 97% of town and parish councils in membership.  We continually adapt our service to meet the needs of our members which often results in enhancements on what we deliver year on year.    

By joining SALC you are also a member of the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) and therefore the total amount on your subscription invoice includes the NALC fee which SALC collects on their behalf.   It is therefore important payment is made as soon as possible to account for this administrative role.

For 2024-25 both SALC and NALC subscription fees are increasing by 3%.  Accurate calculations cannot be made until electorate numbers are received from District Councils which have now been received and invoices for 2024/25 membership including the affiliation fee we collect on behalf of NALC and pay to them on behalf of your council are now being organised ready for distribution from 1st April 2024.  

In April 2023 SALC introduced a new and fairer methodology for calculating subscriptions following a review in 2021.   The changes  meant the formula used introduced a proportionate relationship between the fee paid and the number of electors.  To lessen the impact of this change for some of our members a cap of 10% was applied and will continue until all councils are aligned as part of lessening the burden of this transition.  A number of other measures have been taken including a freeze on increases.   If your council is concerned about payment of fees please contact - your membership is important to us and the work we do on behalf of the sector both locally and nationally. 

Full details about these changes including FAQs and a chronology of how this has been managed by SALC are available on our website using this link to our dedicated page.

National Association of Local Councils

Membership of SALC includes access to NALC who charge a separate fee which we incorporate into our annual membership invoice.   The price per elector for 2024/25 is 7.94pence per elector with a cap of £2037 for larger councils.

Visit the NALC website to find out more

National voice

NALC provide a national voice for 10,000 town and parish councils across England and campaign on their behalf


NALC provides written legal, audit and financial guidance through to SALC as part of the county association network


NALC host a range of webinars, conferences and events providing councils with opportunities to hear from a range of speakers and perspectives