Locum clerk register

A support service offered by SALC to councils looking to recruit a temporary clerk or RFO

If your council is in need of a temporary clerk SALC can signpost you to clerks who are looking for work.    Below are details of the simple steps your council needs to take as an employer to handle the creation of a contractual relationship with a temporary employee for a fixed period.  


Council resolves to recruit a locum and searches list of available clerks/RFOs and/or approaches neighbouring parishes/advertises locally


Council completes the enquiry form and submits to SALC admin/ask SALC to advertise temp and/or permanent position across network


Council views CV provided by SALC considers applications via other routes and liaises direct with candidate(s)


Council sets up panel and interviews candidate(s)


Council resolves to offer the position and informs successful candidate    


Council issues temporary contract accompanied by legally required information and policies

There is currently a shortage of locum clerks available so the Council should take a number of steps to secure the services of a locum clerk.  This can include contacting neighbouring parishes to see if their clerk would be willing to help out on a temporary basis.  Some parishes very successfully employ clerks out of the local area and enable them to join meetings remotely whilst councillors and members of the public are present in person.

Register of locums

SALC will endeavour to keep this register of locums up to date and ask locums to inform them of any changes in their availability or capacity to undertake work.  It is not SALC's responsibility to validate suitability for temporary vacancies, it is for the Council as employer to undertake all the necessary checks and comply with employment legislation in relation to recruitment.    If your Council has a general query in relation to recruitment or other HR or personnel matters, then SALC can seek specialist advice on your behalf which is included in our membership service.  In addition direct HR support is available to your council for an additional fee.   

Clerk/RFO (ref: 22/L/03)

Any area

CiLCA qualified clerk and RFO.  Available immediately with flexibility on number of hours required.

Currently not available due to locum support

Clerk/RFO (ref: 22/L/04)

East Suffolk District

CiLCA qualified clerk and RFO. Available to support at meetings and take minutes.   

 Clerk/RFO (ref: 24/L/01)

East Suffolk District

                   (within 30 minute radius)

                   CiLCA qualified clerk and RFO. 

                   Currently not available due to
                   locum support

Enquiry form

If you are interested in contacting a locum clerk / RFO listed below please complete this form.  As soon as possible after receipt the SALC administration team will provide you with the CV of the locum(s) you select along with an information pack, templates and a checklist to help you manage the recruitment process. 

*Hourly rate:  Councils will need to negotiate direct with the locum clerk the most appropriate hourly rate.