Register as a locum clerk or RFO

A SALC support service offered to councils looking to recruit temporary staff

For a variety of reasons, councils sometimes need the services of a locum clerk and SALC are asked to help find experienced clerks/RFOs who would be able to offer short-term assistance.   Our locum register is designed to help by signposting councils to individuals alongside guidance on the process in line with roles and responsibilities of an employer setting up a temporary contract. 


Complete the form below and upload your CV


SALC will add anonymised details to our dedicated page and signpost councils


SALC will share your CV with councils on request who will contact you direct


Council handles recruitment process   resolves to offer the position and informs successful candidate    


Locum informs SALC of availability if successfully appointed


Complete our online form and upload your CV

What happens next?    On receipt of your form and CV SALC will publish an anonymised card on the register, promote the page and on request provide councils with a copy of your CV.  It is then for the council to liaise direct with you as part of the selection process as an employer seeking to set up a temporary contract.