Accessing the SALC member portal

The SALC member portal is a restricted area for clerks, officers and councillors and allows SALC to share knowledge, information, guidance and details of events including booking links.  It is also helping us work towards reducing email traffic by consolidating information in one place.  Councils are reminded that the services SALC provide are to your whole council and the permissions and roles set up and explained below reflect how this works in practice.   For more information about how SALC membership works use this link to view our dedicated page on this website. 

New clerks are automatically set up and invited to the portal so councils must tell us as soon as there has been a change in personnel.     The user roles below reflect the way we work with members in practice.  Councillors  have the option to access the portal and should complete the form below.  

If you are viewing this page from a direct link contained in the email invitation - you have already been given access to the portal and therefore do not need to complete the form below just note the access rights explained in the table below.

Role Access portal Book training/events Raise enquiries  Update council record
Clerk yes yes yes (1) yes
Councillor yes yes no no
Chair yes yes no (2) no (3)
Officer/Deputy yes yes no (3) no (3)

(1)  enquiries marked "confidential" are only visible to the user who raised them on the portal.   (2)  Where there is no clerk, on a case-by-case basis, SALC can give the Chair the ability to raise enquiries.   (3)  Councils who have other officers including deputy clerks or a separate RFO, can by request, have ability to raise enquiries on behalf of the council and/or update council records, but this must be approved by the clerk. 

Please read the SALC privacy policy using the link below

SALC privacy policy