SALC payroll services

designed to help your council save time and money

SALC payroll is an additional paid service available to member councils and currently has over 200 town and parish council customers.  It helps remove some of the administrative burdens of handling payroll correctly and gives councils an opportunity to build some resilience in their team at the same time.   

With over 15 year's experience working across different payroll platforms, the SALC Payroll Officer offers your council the knowledge and expertise associated with handling payroll to avoid lengthy HMRC phone calls.  We use payroll software called BrightPay, a cloud-based solution, that helps us manage payroll efficiently and reduce delays.

    What does the SALC payroll service offer?

    Besides the production of payslips, processing of starters and leavers and the issuing of all RTI (Real Time Information) reports to HMRC, the SALC payroll service also includes:

    • pension auto-enrolment, re-declaration and pension calculations including informing you of when your employees become eligible for a workplace pension.  We will issue the necessary correspondence to comply with Pension Regulations on behalf of your council.

    • If you have a payroll query or need to make a correction, you will need to contact HMRC which can be time-consuming (and therefore not cost-effective) and not always fruitful.  We can make corrections online, using our payroll software.

    • We can explain tax code changes and make calculations on your behalf and submit your information to HMRC with the knowledge to back up the information we are sending.

    • Provide all P45 and P60 reports and all year end submissions.

    What does it cost to join?

    The price depends on the number of employees, whether you want SALC to manage pension requirements and how you would like your employees to be paid.  We can offer a monthly, bi-monthly, half-yearly or yearly payroll service.

    The pricing below is per month plus VAT and currently invoices are sent out in arrears. If you require a quarterly, half yearly or yearly service there is a minimum charge of £38 plus VAT and for a bi-monthly service the minimum charge is £45 plus VAT. 

    WITHOUT pension
    Single employee                                        £7.50
    Each additional employee -                     £4.00

    WITH pension
    Single employee                                        £8.00
    Each additional employee                       £5.00

    How can my council join or find out more?

    Email us :

    Can my council manage it's own payroll?

    Yes, lots of councils manage their own payroll.  We have a dedicated page on this website to help guide your council on this subject independently.  Use this link to view that page.