What can you do to lower fuel bills: don't touch that wall thermostat

A free virtual event hosted by SALC and presented by Nathan Gambling, heating lecturer/host of Renewable Energy Podcasts 'BetaTalk'

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This free workshop will centre around the things people can do right now. 

We do not have to use a title like this but it does engender curiosity as for over 3 decades the advice has been to turn down the wall thermostat. 

In reality our systems should no longer need wall thermostats as modern boilers have been designed to work in conjunction with the temperature outside.

This workshop will discuss:

  • how to turn down the flow temp of a gas 'combi' boiler and how it will save you money

  • what do you do if you have a conventional boiler with a cylinder in the airing cupboard

  • how heat moves into and out of a home at different speeds and why this is important

  • what questions to ask your heating engineer if you need a new boiler

  • what about oil boilers

  • an efficient heating system is all about the 'system' not an efficient heat source

  • what are heat pumps - they are everywhere

  • cost of a heat pump v cost of installing a heat pump - why so much?

  • what does getting heat pump ready mean?

  • Presenter

     Nathan Gambling

    Nathan is a heating lecturer and consultant and hosts renewable energy podcasts - "Betatalk" - a recent winner of the British Energy Awards 2020 communication category which recognised how the initiative has enhanced awareness / championed positive change for renewables or clean technology with key opinion formers including government and the public.  More commonly known on Twitter as BetaTeach he discusses energy and the transition to low carbon technologies such as solar thermal and heat pumps with some of the best renewable engineers.  

Date & Time
15 November 2022
12:00 13:00 Europe/London

FREE membership event

--FREE membership event--

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