Sports facilities VAT briefing

Finance training presented by The Parkinson Partnership LLP

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£15+ VAT per delegate

This 45 minute Q&A sessions explain what we know about the recent change to the VAT status of local authority sports facilities, which can now be treated as non-business.

VAT-registered councils that have charged VAT on the use of sports facilities and want to reclaim it.

Councils that have been treating sports as VAT-exempt and had unrecoverable VAT because they exceeded the partial exemption threshold in any of the last 4 years,

Councils that had sports related construction over £250,000 in the last 10 years or that are currently planning or undertaking sport facility construction.

Click on this link to view the latest guidance provided from Parkinson Partnership.

Date & Time
22 March 2023
14:00 14:45 Europe/London

The Parkinson Partnership LLP


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