Clerk training

Invest in clerks, officers and councillors - watch your council grow and your community benefit  

The information on this page is designed to offer local councils guidance on how to approach induction, training and development for clerks and officers new to the role.  Elements of this pathway can also be adapted to suit more experienced officers when they are new to your council and help focus on the needs of your community, the plans you have in place and the skills you need for the future to ensure succession planning or growth, depending on the aspirations of your local council. 

Personal development plans can start as part of the induction programme which is a process of welcoming new employees from the first day of work for up to six months.  The plan will help not only integrate the new employee but it will introduce them to councillors and your community. 

PDP to include get to know cllrs, review docs and model, read SOs, FR, COC, I and E audit reports, review the website, understand transparency code and - book onto future sessions to help with end of year, internal and external audit, setting budgets.  Watch code of conduct webinars available consider softer skills - check about s.137 and understand GPOC if council has it and set a renewal date


Year 1

(see above)

know your MO, register, 

SALC updates

Induction video about SALC - how we work, the portal, newsletters, networks, the team, the forums, elearning, etc.,

Connect with neighbouring clerks

Consider joining SLCC (council should pay for subs)

Book onto SALC clerk networking events

focussed training awareness (plus new offer of drill down topics such as transparency, code of conduct, GPOC - items from internal audit trends)

topic specific items: planning, ndp, transport, local community team, role of CAS, role of SLCC 

Induction and 6 month probationary period

Link  to a personal development plan


  • ILCA - introduction to local council admin (e-learning via SLCC)

  • FiLCA - etc

  • As well as or alternative - book onto SALC clerk training

  • Other e-learning

BRAND NEW TO SECTOR.... to include new clerk sessions and mentor/buddying scheme hopefully through SLCC Suffolk branch.

Bimonthly sessions with SALC, option to come to Claydon, coffee, chat informal and get to meet other clerks.  Inc. as part of the SALC service.  Experienced SALC / working clerk to help develop open materials and to set up a focus group/work with SLCC Suffolk branch and trainers to bring more focus to this offer (inc. awareness amongst cllrs so showcase the development work SALC are doing, show cllrs how to manage people, gather data about how they are doing this - take up or create self-help support for job evaluation and salary reviews.  

Year 2

Start to research the local council award scheme for your council

use the training to identify issues and anomalies and links to creating an action plan for improvement

look at timeline, look at training needs going forward, look at community engagement etc.

Consider CiLCA 

SALC to develop information based on learning from last 18 months focussing on getting the timing right, FAQs, an online forum just for CiLCA learners to network but monitored by SALC/SL.

Year 3
You will have passed CiLCA 

Local Council Award Scheme, linked to the work above in particular look at.....

Video on how LCAS works, look at the guidance, plan ahead etc.,

Year 4

Your CPD topics :

Community Governance inc. emerging topics from town councils, project management, business planning, building strategic partnerships etc.

consolidate the above - developed and shaped the direction of travel, aspirations learning along the way.  Build in CPD or next steps if you think the community governance degree is the way to go.

Find out more about that.