Document reference:  ALC4 v.6 (reviewed annually)
Ownership: SALC CEO
Last reviewed: April 2024


Motions Policy

SALC is dedicated to supporting member councils when they have an issue they wish to raise that will inform, influence and shape local and national policies.  Motions can be raised at any time through area forums but must be supported by clear evidence and supporting documentation to allow an open discussion on the issues raised and the remedies being sought.


The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear, consistent and professional approach to receiving and handing motions.  


This policy covers motions raised by member councils 


The SALC CEO owns this policy and will review and update it annually working closely with all members of the team and the SALC Board where necessary.  On a day-to-day basis all members of the team shall be responsible for following procedures and processes and highlighting any updates or amendments necessary to ensure continual improvement.  


Member councils - a local council which subscribes to SALC for the current financial year. 

Motions procedure

Motions should be submitted in writing to and include following information:

• A clear description of the issue the council wishes to raise and the action/decision your councils is seeking.

• Supporting evidence including details of when the council made the resolution to submit the motion to SALC.

• Contact details of both the clerk and chair of your council.

Confirmation that a representative will be available to attend the next area forum meeting to present the motion for discussion.

• Submissions will be acknowledged as soon as possible by SALC admin and within 14 days of receipt, providing the motion is complete, a copy will be sent to the Area Forum Chair and added as an item for discussion at the next available meeting.

• If the motion is unclear or lacks adequate supporting materials this may cause a delay.

• Within 7 days of the SALC Board considering the motion, SALC admin will contact you to advise of the outcome. If the decision or action includes raising a motion with NALC these shall be managed in accordance with NALC procedures.

Motions through the SALC AGM 2024

The above procedure also applies for the submission of motions to the SALC AGM.  However, as prescribed in the SALC Constitution, there is a deadline for receipt being is 7th June 2024.

Changes to this motions policy

This is a controlled document and referenced ALC4 v.6 and was last updated on 10th April 2024.