Document reference:  ALC36v.1 (reviewed annually)
Ownership: SALC CEO

Last reviewed: February 202

Last revised: March 2024 Media and public relations policy


SALC is a transparent organisation and supports the fostering of strong and professional relationships with journalists.  We recognise the significant role media coverage can play in the perception of the local council sector and their understanding of the important role they play across our communities.

This policy is designed to ensure that SALC makes the most of its media coverage and public relationships activities to help protect and boost its reputation.  All staff must follow this procedure which has been drawn up to support staff and ensure there is consistency in dealing with the media.  

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • ensure a positive image of the organisation is portrayed wherever possible.

  • Raise local awareness of the local council sector and the role they play.

  • Be open, honest and flexible as possible in responses to the media.

  • Foster good relationships with the local media.

  • Ensure staff respond quickly and accurately to the communications team so that they can meet media deadlines, whenever possible.

  • Raise awareness amongst all employees of the importance of gaining good publicity and dealing with the media effectively and responsibly.


No member of SALC should enter into discussions with journalists without prior contact with the CEO.  This applies to contact received by telephone, email, through social media or in person either at events or meetings. The CEO is responsible for handling all reactive media enquiries and proactive media. 

Contact details:


Handling enquiries from the media

Should journalists approach staff directly on any issue that relates to its member councils or to ask for an opinion or comment generally on the local council sector, staff should always explain that all media enquiries are dealt with by the CEO.  The CEO will then deal with the media enquiry by liaising with key SALC staff in order to prepare an appropriate response within the journalist's deadline.

Where the enquiry relates to activities of member councils, SALC policy is that it will not comment in any circumstances.

Proactive (planned) media management

The CEO will consider how best to attract positive media coverage for good news, events and projects. 

Press releases promoting a project/service will be issued by the CEO and, if the subject is complex or controversial the SALC Board will be consulted for a view. 

Working in partnership

Where SALC works in partnership the CEO will ensure that information provided to the media is balanced and accurate.

Use of photography and videos

SALC will not use photographs or videos in public material without consent. 

Changes to this policy

This is a controlled document and is the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer.  It is referenced ALC36 version 1 and was last updated on 23rd February 2024.