Notes of meeting 5th March 2024
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We welcomed Amy Rushton from Suffolk County Council who presented information on the County's vehicle charging infrastructure project.  A recording of her presentation is available below for reference.

  • Neighbourhood development planning
    SALC gave an overview of the process to help parishes considering developing a local neighbourhood plan.  This included references to e-books, guidance on the Locality and West Suffolk websites.  Links below:

  • Recruitment of councillors
    SALC provided some tips which had been recently published in the current edition of the TLC (The Local Councillor) - link to the publication here

  • Information exchange
    There were some interesting topics discussed including village greens with an example of how a parish had established ownership and the process involved. As the opportunity to discuss the topic of highways arrived, details of a local issues emerged and some useful tips of how to find out more about their process which was difficult to locate online.   There was also an excellent request about asking for more information on highway strategy and priorities.  This included wanted to understand how decisions are made with a view to being more informed. 

  • Ideas for next session - 17th September 
    We ran over time so SALC will email delegates to ask them if they had any requests for future items.  SALC will be attending as a guest at the West Suffolk in person forum scheduled to take place in a couple of weeks.

  • SALC update
    SALC updated delegates on current issues coming out of the member survey which closes at the end of March - highways had come top.    Here is a link to the survey for those parishes who are yet to take part.   SALC will be working with highways and looking at the most effective way to help with communication and information.  

Notes of meeting 5th September 2023
Information - documents - recording of session