Parish Clerk and RFO

The Clerk is required to attend six evening Parish Council meetings per year, as well as the Annual Parish Meeting. Any extra Council meetings will be reimbursed as additional salary payments. However, this is a part-time, predominantly home-based post, averaging five hours per week, allowing for routine duties, correspondence, specific annual processes and attendance at meetings.

A laptop and printer/scanner will be supplied for business purposes, with consumables and other routine expenses reimbursed. Experience of the Scribe accounting package will be advantageous. However, it is very user-friendly, and training and support will be provided.

The salary range offered is currently SCP13 (£12.97 per hour) to SCP 22(£15.30 per hour) but is subject to a minimum £1 per hour uplift with the impending 2023 Local Government national pay agreement. The starting salary will be determined according to experience, qualities and qualifications. Other terms and conditions will be in line with current Local Government agreements (“The Green Book”).

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Great Bradley
Parish Clerk and RFO