The Good Councillor Guide
2024 version now released
The National Association of Local Councils (NALC) has published an updated edition of 'The Good Councillor's Guide', an essential tool for all councillors, whether new, aspiring, or existing local council members.

The guide is designed to provide practical insights into the workings of local democracy and how councillors can effectively contribute to it. It serves as a stepping stone to becoming a good councillor. Additionally, it directs readers to local county associations, which offer essential training and development opportunities.

The guide is divided into ten comprehensive sections, each covering a crucial aspect of a councillor's role. It is a must-read for new councillors, ensuring they understand their responsibilities, limitations, and the reasons behind them. 

To download this latest version electronic publication please log into the member portal and select the 'model council, knowledgebase' card and then click on 'appendix 3 - e-books and publications'. 

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