Suffolk Community Awards 2024
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        Has your council considered entering the Suffolk Community Awards this year? These collaborative awards celebrate and recognise the huge contribution groups, individuals, town and parish councils and parish meetings make to the overall quality of life across the length and breadth of Suffolk.


        There are 17 awards available ranging from youth participation and young person of the year to community building, contribution to volunteering, most active communities and council, councillor, young councillor and clerk of the year.

         The nomination period opened on Monday 13th May and will close at midnight on Sunday 14th July - but don't wait until then.

        Please also help us promote these county-wide awards across social media, if you can. If not, why not add details in your local magazine?


        You may also have noticed that this year we have changed the SALC categories, including a cash prize for each winner who will also be entered into the NALC Star Council Awards 2024.


        The new categories are:

         Council of the Year

        Councillor of the Year

        Clerk of the Year and

        Young Councillor of the Year

        Click on this link to nominate

        So... what are you waiting for, lets showcase our sector by recognising the contribution you make.  We know not everyone can be a winner but we will use all entries to promote the work you do to help increase awareness and increase interest in our sector.

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