Money Guiders
Guidance for town and parish councils launches today

Suffolk County Council is working with the Money & Pension Service to promote and increase uptake of their Money Guiders programme which is free training that helps professionals working with people in/or at risk of financial hardship to have greater confidence to discuss money matters and have greater knowledge of a whole host of money matters such as benefits, pensions, planning for later life, debt, and budgeting. It also helps professionals to understand the difference between “guidance” and “regulated advice” so that they know what guidance they can give and when they need to refer to an organisation like a Citizens Advice or similar who provide regulated advice.

Introductory 1 hour webinars are happening on Tues 28th Nov (midday) and  Fri 6th Dec (10am). If you’d like to attend and find out more please email giving your name and which session you’d like to attend.

poster with details of training programme.
Getting to Grips to NSIPs
Guidance for town and parish councils launches today