Local Government Pay Claim 2024-25
Latest update

    On 30th May, SLCC published the latest update regarding the below full and final offer. There have been responses from the three NJC Trade Unions as follows: 

    UNISON describes the offer as 'disappointing' and is seeking an improved offer. They are conducting a consultative ballot of their members, and they are recommending rejection of it. Their ballot will run from 5 to 28 June. 

    GMB has expressed concern regarding the lack of meaningful negotiations and the length of time it has taken to get to this stage. They are leaving the recommendation open to members. Their ballot will run from 3 June until midday on 5 July.

    UNITE says the offer is 'entirely inadequate' and is recommending rejection of the offer but has not stated a timescale for their consultative ballot.

    Again this year, through the actions of both the employers and unions, it means it will be several months past the anniversary date before any conclusion is reached. 

          The employers' side have today put the following 'full and final' offer to the NJC unions: 

          -  With effect from 1 April 2024, an increase of £1,290 (pro-rata for part-time employees) to be paid as a consolidated, permanent addition on all NJC pay points 2 to 43 inclusive. 

          -  With effect from 1 April 2024, an increase of 2.50 per cent on all pay points in grades 44 to 62. 

          All other aspects of the unions pay claim are rejected. 

          Following receipt of the unions pay claim on 29 February, they say that they consulted councils and then met initially on 16 April to discuss the key themes to come out of those sessions. They then adjourned for private political discussions before reconvening and making this offer. 

          This offer is made with the aim of achieving an early settlement. The unions will now determine their response. 

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