Great British Insulation Scheme launched

The government launched on 14th September the £1 billion Great British Insulation Scheme to help some families insulate their homes.

Families in lower council tax bands with less energy-efficient homes will be offered upgrades such as roof, loft or cavity wall insulation. Customers will be able to use an online checker for the Great British Insulation Scheme to find out if they are eligible. The tool will ask a series of questions – including how they heat their home, whether their home has solid or cavity walls, and if they are receiving any benefits.

A separate online checker has also been launched for the Home Upgrade Grant, which will help off-the-gas-grid homes that have an energy performance certificate rating of D to G. The grant provides energy efficiency upgrades and low carbon heating to households in England.

Customers using the online tools will then be referred to either their energy supplier, for support from the Energy Company Obligation programme and Great British Insulation Scheme, or their council for the Home Upgrade Grant. 

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