Getting to Grips to NSIPs
Guidance for town and parish councils launches today

New guidance

Today we launched guidance for town and parish councils to Nationally Strategic Infrastructure Projects (NSIPS) developed collaboratively between SALC and Suffolk County Council.   This co-produced guide brought together the expertise of both organisations designed to assist those representing the views on these major projects impacting our communities.

Access the guide using this link 

Access Suffolk County Council's dedicated page on NSIPs in Suffolk 


SALC recognised that there was a lack of guidance and support, to help town and parish councils engage with NSIPs, and was concerned, that the NSIP process is complicated and time-consuming for local councils. This issue was made worse, as around nineteen NSIPs have been approved, have applications submitted, or are in the pipeline for future application in Suffolk.

Starting in June 2023, SALC and SCC began to co-write a new guidance document, written for town and parish councillors and clerks, to promote positive engagement in the NSIP process.  All Suffolk district councils with NSIP experience were also invited to make comments, on the emerging draft document during its development. 

The guidance has been developed in a collaboration between SALC and SCC, using funding from the Department of Levelling Up Housing and Communities, which was obtained through the SCC NSIP Centre of Excellence Programme.

SALC has provided key expertise on the potential role of town and parish councils could play in NSIP projects, and how their powers and processed can be used to best effect, when tackling NSIPs. SCC has complemented this, with its significant knowledge of, and expertise in the NSIP process, gained through its work to improve the quality, and outcomes, of proposed NSIP projects in Suffolk.

SALC and SCC believe that strategic collaboration across the tiers of local government, to support effective hyperlocal participation, is essential, for both the communities affected by projects, and Suffolk as a whole.

The new guidance document includes definitions of key documents, stages, and procedures within the NSIP process, and supports town and parish councils with advice on what to expect, when, and what to look out for.  We hope that it will help foster improved communication and understanding between local authorities, and wider stakeholders, and ensure effective community engagement is at the heart of this complex process.  The guidance will be published on 18th October, on both SALC's and SCC's websites. 
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