Notes of meeting 19th March 2024
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We welcomed Matthew Ling from Suffolk County Council who presented information on the County's vehicle charging infrastructure project.  A recording of her presentation is available below for reference.

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  • Discussion topic - community engagement
    We discussed the importance of recognising the diversity and complexity of  communities parish councils serve, how to manage conflicting interests and the importance of listening to the variety of voices.  In turn we then went onto look at how parish councils communicate, raising its profile, encouraging interest in its work, role etc.,   There were some good examples including use of websites, newsletters and in the discussion how unsuccessful councillor surgeries had been and how that was now not a preferred method.  Social media was growing recognises that was an avenue along with going along to village events and making sure the council was represented on the variety of groups within the village/town.   

  • Information exchange
    There was a wide range of topics discussed including clustering and a great example about community interest groups emerging and a call for interest.  SALC offered to help with cascading information and explaining how this initiative was working. This then expanded generally on the merits of collaborative working with examples of some parishes coming together to consider speeding issues, highways maintenance and flooding and bringing agencies together to help address local issues.   SALC signposted to the guidance they had produced on energy projects which encouraged collaboration - using joint committees.  Use this link to view the dedicated page on their website. 

Notes of meeting 14th September 2023
Information - documents - recording of session