Notes of meeting 21st September 2023
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We welcomed Cllr. David Beavan, East Suffolk District Council who provided an overview of some major topics of interest to local councils including planning and "call in",  a consultation on permitted development, inaccuracies of plans, inadequacies of the local plan in relation to environmental matters and housing.  As Cabinet Member for Housing Cllr. Bevan talked about increasing housing stock alongside escalating costs of development.   See recording.

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  • Planning working group - update
    SALC had produced a shopping list and shared this with East Suffolk Council who had provided us with feedback on those ideas.  The document with those comments can be found here using this link.  ESC also shared with us their report back to Scrutiny which is also available here using this link.  This piece of work has laid the foundation for further changes in procedures following some positive outcomes already., and the Planning Group will review progress in the New year.  In the meantime all Parishes and Towns are strongly encouraged to track how the new system works and report back to the forum alongside ensuring that their own District Councillor is fully aware of their experience of the ESDC planning processes. 

  • Area Forum elections
    Chair : proposed Lesley Beevor by Andrew Lewis, seconded by Ken Lodge. Vote carried.  Vice Chairs proposed: Andrew Lewis, Neil Coleby by Peter Lickert, seconded by Sharon Smith. Vote carried.  Details of the roles at SALC are available here using this link.  Andrew Lewis was thanked for his chairmanship over the last four years on behalf of East Suffolk councils and SALC.

  • Information exchange
    All councils were invited to attend a meeting on 4th October at Stratford St. Andrew to consider energy projects in the area.  Details will be forwarded to SALC so that they can add more information here.

    A parish shared its experience of pre-consultation exercises in relation to one of many landing links proposed in the area and numerous anomalies especially in relation to location.

    There was a wider discussion relating to highways and in particular the inability to speak to someone in relation to local matters.   Enforcement of TROs were also of concern.

  • SALC update

    A county-wide conference for local councils will be taking place on 29th November offering a planning update, how to access data relevant to your parish, investment advice and the opportunity to meet Suffolk CC's new highways partner, Milestone Infrastructure.      There is a small charge pp of £15 to cover lunch and councils will be limited to one space.  The Hold, Ipswich is the venue and we are planning for 150 parishes to attend.  It is recommended you book your ticket early - booking system via SALC portal and will open on Monday.  Details will go direct to clerks but here is a link for ease of reference.

    Another event in Ipswich will be taking place before then, a piece of collaborative work between SALC and Suffolk CC with the launch of new guidance for town and parish councils on handling national infrastructure projects.  The guide has been formulated with the assistance of clerks and councillors with experience of these projects and will take parishes through each stage to help ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities, importance of community engagement and includes tips for working in clusters set up as joint committees.   The launch event invitation will be sent out tomorrow (Fri 22 Sept) to all clerks and will take place at the University of Suffolk on 18th October.  Whilst it is encouraged to attend in person to aid networking and follow-on conversations, it is a hybrid event  SALC have been working with Suffolk CC on guidance and support for town and parish councils in relation to national infrastructure projects.  This included making representations on behalf of the sector on the challenges and lack of specialist support. 

  • Speakers for future meetings
    Cllr. Caroline Topping Leader of East Suffolk Council and East Suffolk Services, Cllr Yule in relation to planning, Chris Bally, East Suffolk Council CEO and Milestone Infrastructure.

Notes of meeting 6th June
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