Anti-money laundering essentials

Have you ever thought about the journey your cash might have taken to get to you? Would you have any idea if it had been used in a crime?

Every year, billions of pounds are illegally laundered through the UK . Any one of us could be handling laundered money without even realising it!

‘Money laundering’ is a tactic used by criminals to turn profits from illegal activity into seemingly ‘honest’ proceeds.  By legitimising these ill-gotten gains, criminality can continue to thrive, thereby funding further corruption and terrorism, undermining financial sectors and negatively impacting the economy as a whole.

To prevent ‘dirty’ money from flowing freely through our system, it’s vital that companies and individuals know how to spot this type of financial crime.

This course aims to increase awareness of money laundering and includes a range of learning activities to help you develop your understanding of  money laundering  and how to prevent it.

£17 per delegate plus VAT

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