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GDPR - learning together  Issue 5
December 2018


The practical side of GDPR compliance

To continue to help our members to embed the practicalities of GDPR, we have now developed a number of additional resources.  
Watch our latest video on FAQ's developed following enquiries to our advice service.  
Here is our "basic steps" video - a helpful refresher to widen your knowledge and understanding of GPDR to support your Council work towards compliance.

to access our ONLINE 'step by step guide' based on the NALC Toolkit
published earlier this year.

Joint Information Governance Group (JIGG) - news....

JIGG, was set up by NALC to provide support to the sector on a wide range of information governance issues including General Data Protection Regulation, Freedom of Information, web standards and cyber security.  They are working on the production of short guides for local councils and councillors on information governance supported by web resources.  The planned date for publication is May 2019.

Blog: Sleigh-ing the Christmas GDPR myths

Read the ICO's latest myth-busting 'blog' by Deputy Commissioner Steve Wood tackling some of the misconceptions that have sprung up and around how the new data protection law might affect your Christmas. follow this link to read the myths
Remember - your SALC membership includes ongoing support in relation to GDPR.  We can provide advice to assist you work towards compliance including guidance on standard documentation and adaption of the NALC Toolkit. 

Contact the SALC team by email or phone: 01473 833713 for guidance on any aspect of GDPR compliance and we will send you in the right direction.
Are you considering a new contract or service?  Remember you will need to undertake a Data Impact Assessment - CLICK HERE for a template to help you manage this process.
Struggling to get a consolidated document together for your Council?  CLICK HERE for our version of a DATA PROTECTION and INFORMATION MANAGEMENT POLICY to adapt for your Council.
CLICK HERE to download our general guide "UNDERSTANDING GDPR" to aid training and development.
CLICK HERE to download our general guide "LAWFUL BASIS" to aid training and development
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