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GDPR - learning together  Issue 3

We have now started to update the GDPR information on our website, based on the NALC Toolkit, following feedback from our members. 


As part of our "learning together" campaign we have broken down the steps you need to take so your council can work towards compliance.  We've also added the templates and linked them to these steps. 

CLICK HERE to access the latest update on FAQs coming through our member advice service.
Do you have a question or query regarding GDPR ?

Contact the SALC team by email or phone: 01473 833713

A SALC GDPR Service?

Thank you for completing our online questionnaire.   There is still time to contribute to this - see below. 

Your feedback is helping us refine what additional support we need to introduce as part of our membership offer.  This will also be influenced by what happens following the amendment to the Bill currently being considered.
Click here to answer a few questions regarding a potential SALC GDPR service.
  • Is your virus software up to date?  If not make sure you attend to this asap.
  • Have you set up encryption for your computer?  Check out how to do this with your IT support.
  • What do you know about email encryption?  If you have Office 365 this is available - click here.  Consider how and what you transmit by email and whether it contains personal data.  If it does then you can encrypt the email, or password protect the attachment - see "how" below.
UPDATE STATEMENT from The DPO Centre Limited

"Due to the recent publishing of an amendment to the Data Protection Bill, removing the requirement for parish and town councils to appoint a DPO, The DPO Centre have put their proposed service to councils on hold, pending the outcome of the amendment.  Regardless of the outcome, councils are still required to comply with the requirements of the GDPR, and therefore the initial ‘impact assessment’ element of the DPO Centre service is still required, therefore once the outcome of the amendment is known, new information (with or without the inclusion of a DPO service) will be circulated."
Rob Masson, CEO
The DPO Centre Limited
How to password protect a document
REMEMBER - if you set up a password, make sure it is a minimum of 12 characters and a mixture of numbers, letters and symbols.  You may find it useful to use an online password generator - click here.  Do not send the password by email - ask the recipient to email you to access the password.
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