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E-Bulletin 30 November 2018
This bulletin is intended for members and staff  - clerks are requested to circulate accordingly

Advice and Information


Contributions to Remembrance Day and other events with religious element
The Local Government (Religious etc. Observances) Act 2015 inserted two new sections into the Local Government Act 1972.
Most councils will be aware of s138A, which allows councils to allow time in a meeting for prayers or other religious observances.
Not as well publicised however was s.138B (see below) - this allows councils to support or facilitate religious/philosophical events, or an event with a religious/philosophical element.
NALC Legal have confirmed that the power could, for example, be used to contribute financially towards Remembrance Services, such as the provision of a wreath or refreshments. As there is a statutory power, it follows that s. 137 cannot be used.
138B Involvement with religious events and events connected with a belief
(1) A local authority in England may support or facilitate, or make arrangements to be represented at, any of the following—
(a) a religious event,
(b) an event with a religious element,
(c) an event connected with a religious or philosophical belief, or
(d) an event with an element connected with such a belief.
(2) Subsection (1) does not limit other powers.
(3) Any powers of a local authority in England that are given otherwise than under subsection (1) may be exercised—
(a) for the purpose of supporting or facilitating any event mentioned in subsection (1), or
(b) for purposes that include that purpose.
(4) Subsection (3) does not limit the generality of those powers.”
Donations to Citizens Advice Bureaux
Councils are reminded that s.142, Local Government Act 1972 provides a specific (uncapped) power to donate towards Citizens Advice Bureaux; again, s.137 should not be used for such expenditure.
GDPR - councillor details
The question is often asked whether councils have a lawful basis for placing members’ contact details on their website (or elsewhere).
NALC Legal have advised that they will only have a ‘legal obligation’ basis on the requirements of the relevant Transparency Code, and that only requires the names of the councillor, their responsibilities and appointments to other bodies by the council.
The Freedom of Information Publication Scheme template only refers to contact details being published ‘where possible’.
NALC advise that if a council wishes to publish members’ personal data (e.g. private e-mail address, postal address and phone numbers) then consent of each individual councillor should be obtained.
Rt Hon Nick Raynsford's landmark review of the planning system in England, commissioned by the TCPA, is now available to download.  “Much to digest in this thorough review, pleased to see neighbourhood planning identified as one of the 4 tiers or spatial scales of English planning, but this need strengthening.” Jonathan Owen, CEO NALC
Roadwork Signage: Advice from Suffolk County Council
If signage is left on the verges following roadworks, it is the responsibility of the contractors to clear the signs. Network Assurance Inspectors do instruct redundant signage to be removed and they can raise fines to contractors. Inspectors are not able to inspect every site and will visit when they receive a customer complaint. The management of the sites are the responsibility of the contractors and or utilities companies.
The parish councils can use the reporting tool by going to the
following link
Alternatively, Parish Councils can email or call Customer Services on 0345 606 6171 who will create and forward the report onto the appropriate team.

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