Uniquely Placed to Serve You

We have been serving you since 1950

We have a proven track record and strong reputation. We deliver quality, trustworthy, accurate, knowledgeable, reliable, influential,timely and sustainable services.

We only help you

We represent the corporate interests of local councils so you can be sure that we give you the advice that best suits your council, not individual councillors, clerks or members of the public.

We are a not for profit membership organisation

The money we make goes back into services to you. We work hard to increase and sustain services by bringing money in from other sources. Subscriptions alone cannot sustain the range and quality of services with which you are provided.

We are affiliated to the National Association of Local Councils and work within a network of affiliated Associations

Our work is supported by NALC's professional team (including their specialist lawyers and policy officers who lobby Government on our behalf) and by the experienced teams based in other counties. This keeps us up-to-date and strengthens our skills, services and knowledge base.

We are governed by you

As a properly constituted, not-for-profit membership body, our Board is elected from your councils to hold SALC to account. You set our policy positions at the AGM and area meetings. This way SALC is firmly grounded in grass-roots democracy.

Meet the SALC team

What we do (Member Benefits)

        • Advice and information to member councils for them to use as they deem appropriate, on a range of subjects including: Legal advice service; Employment advice service; Advice on council administration; Policy consultation and advice; National Circulars and Information E-Bulletins and Quarterly magazine 'The Local Councillor'. All enquiries from member councils should initially be placed with SALC by e-mail, telephone or post, through the Chairman, Vice-Chairman or Clerk. Telephone and email helpline
        • Opportunity to participate in area meetings
        • Lobbying SALC and local councils have day-to-day interactions which inform SALC's policy work. Councils can raise policy and urgent issues with SALC at any time. However, there are also formal opportunities for members to raise motions on policy issues with the aim of adoption by SALC and the National Association of Local Councils (NALC). In these cases, councils are asking for a particular focus on obtaining MP and Government action on issues that matter most to local people. There is an expectation on NALC, as the national body, to ensure that effective lobbying takes place on motions adopted by them. However, regardless of whether or not motions are adopted as policy by NALC, policies adopted by SALC will be subject to appropriate local and national action.
        • Training Courses The annual training programme 2015/16 is now available providing an extensive programme
        • Consultancy
        • Council Structural Review
        • Local Council Award Scheme - SALC acts as lead partner and provides support to councils as well as administering the scheme.
        • Publications You can find all of our publications for sale in this section.
        • Internal Audit SALC offers an Internal Audit service to member councils in Suffolk. A thorough and consistent audit approach concludes with a written report for the Council which will include any recommendations.
          Information about the SALC Internal Audit Service is available for members. Non-members can contact SALC to learn more about membership.
        • Payroll Personnel and payroll issues are among the most frequent and complex problems that our members encounter. SALC offers advice to member councils about these issues, from recruitment right through to PAYE and termination of employment. We can also support our members with related legal issues. Some elements of service attract a fee. For example, SALC can advise on how to perform payroll duties or some councils might wish to take advantage of SALC Payroll Service for which a small charge applies. Most SALC advice is free but complex legal issues or those requiring representation in court etc., go beyond the desktop service and lawyer support can be provided at a special membership rate by agreement
        • SALC Services booklet SALC has over 65 years experience in giving advice and guidance to its member parishes. It is constituted to support local councils and parish meetings in the delivery of services to their communities. As it is not a statutory body it has no powers or duties to intervene in the operation of individual councils. The SALC Booklet provides information of the services that SALC provides to its members.
        • Hire our meeting room
        • Recruitment Service This is a new service from SALC supporting you on the following areas: advertising your vacancies, Recruitment (we have a whole package of support available to help manage your vacancies, applications, shortlisting and interviews). Legal advice for those difficult situations that only a lawyer can support. Signposting to reliable guides and tools to support you. Assessing salaries and staff needs. For more information click on the above link.
        • Facilitated Conversations Service This is another new service from SALC supporting you where problems have become entrenched, a facilitated process to hear points of view and reach conclusions can help. SALC is offering a reasonably priced facilitated conversation service for these difficult situations.
          Our trained facilitator will provide you with this additional service and help your council to demonstrate that it has tried reasonable approaches to conflict resolution and it might give you the positive solution your council needs. For more information click on the above link.

How we make decisions - SALC Board and Executive Committee

SALC is governed by a Board and Executive Committee made up of two elected members from each of the seven districts. The current Chair of the Association is Cllr John Williams, Claydon Parish Council.

SALC is an unincorporated membership association and is not a public sector body. SALC is funded by member council subscription, training fees and contract funding from Suffolk Council Council.

Almost 95% of parish councils in Suffolk are in membership of the Association. This means that their voice is heard on local issues and at national level. It is hoped that all local councils will join the Association to avail themselves of the support available to them in these changing times for local government.

National Association of Local Councils