Fire Awareness Course

This course is presented by APW Training


  • To give delegates an understanding of fire
  • To give delegates the ability to recognise, select and use the appropriate fire extinguisher


After the session all delegates will be able to:

  • State components of a fire triangle and the methods of fire spread
  • State methods of extinguishing fire
  • Understand the Regulatory Reform (FIRE SAFETY) Order 2005,
  • List the classifications of fire
  • Understand when it is safe to deal with fire and how to contact the Fire Service, and the basic role of a fire marshal
  • State the different types of extinguisher and types of fire each extinguisher can be used on
    • Identify fire points and signs
    • Use each type of extinguisher on site confidently following a practical demonstration

Course Fees

£30+VAT per delegate

50% increase for non-members

Training date

Thursday 20 October 9.30am - 11.00am at the SALC office

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