Councillor Introductory Briefing

The Councillor Introductory course is primarily aimed at first level learning for new councillors and any longer-serving councillors seeking refresher and update sessions. You will come away with the reassurance of understanding the part you play in the council and what tools exist to help you with your role.

Councils vary in size, activity levels and community needs but all work within the same legal framework with the same powers and accountability. It can all seem a bit of a minefield when you start as a new councillor and even long-standing councillors can find themselves asking questions like:

  • I wonder why we do what we do?
  • Would it be stupid to ask whether we can do something new?
  • Who runs this council?
  • What on earth is an external audit and does it matter?
  • What entitles us to do what we do?
  • Is all this procedural stuff really necessary?

Councillors benefit from this course which seeks to enable you to contribute more confidently to the business of the council. It will provide you with an overview of:

  • What makes a good councillor

Helps you explore the attributes of a good Councillor and how to make the most of your skills and knowledge in support of the council.

Course Fees

There are currently not any briefing dates available.